Parsons Dance on Tour in China

It's hard to overstate how challenging our recent Chinese tour was to execute. Most new theaters are ENORMOUS caverns that needed to be largely reconfigured in order to stage our more moderately-sized restaging of David Parsons's Remember Me, and local technicians and audiences alike aren't quite sure how to react to contemporary dance yet. I'm pretty sure we won new fans in each of the 24 cities we visited in nearly 7 weeks on the road, but do the math and you'll realize we barely had time to get to know any of them. Our ambitious travel schedule meant that I spent more time in railway stations and airport terminals than visiting local sights or shopping. Between unfamiliar food and unfamiliar work crew rules, we were all pretty exhausted by the end. Still, I love how this photo from Huai'an captures the incredible spirit of our ten company dancers flying high everywhere we went.

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